Best restaurants for foodies on our YuYuan Road tour!

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After over one hundred years, the love stories and gossips of people who lived in Yuyuan Road have become history. More old style architectures turned into famous restaurants and stores. You will find out the modern style blended in the local life here. We are going to take you to the most trendy restaurants on this road today!


What Fuchun Xiaolong means for Shanghainese can be observed from the “three queues”, which is: queue for the order. the queue for sear and queue for the cuisines. All the most popular restaurants in Shanghai often follow these rules. Well, every shop has their own specialties, and Fuchun’s are Fuchun Xiaolong, Fried pork chops, and small Huntun. Xiaolong has thin wrappings and much juice. When biting, one can feel the wonderful flavor of the meat; Porkchop was fried just well, neither oily nor salty. The wrapping around is crunchy. The best way to enjoy it is to dip a little bit classic Shanghai spicy soy sauce, which makes you feel like staying in heaven. This marvelous tasting experience is hard to explain by words. Only if you queue for a long time and eat it by yourself, you can feel that “Fuchun Xiaolong” is worth its big reputation.

Rich scent of green onion+crunchy flours and wrapping soft pie +full lard stuffing make a wonderful green onion pancake. This 3-square-meter-sized Wang’s green onion pancake is now 23 years old, “old” enough to prove its status in Shanghai. During the rush hours over 2000 pancakes can be sold, while the most important secret recipe is nothing but the “green onions”. All of the green onions in Wang’s are cut and cooked at the same time to keep it fresh and yummy. All these are a credit to the effort of cooks. Every day they have to cut 50kg onions every day just to bring guests the most perfect pancakes.

Except for local Shanghainese, Yuyuan Road also steals the hearts of modern citizens. This chic LADY Y Lifestyle with European Palace antique style has a fascinating and attractive atmosphere, making one obsessed with it. Pushing the elegant front gate, you can sit down inside the store and order classic British afternoon tea, enjoying the elegant teatime.

This shop is as sweet as its name. As you walk in, you will immerse in the sweetness aroused from its pinky wall. Even though no specific photo spot is set for online celebrities, many come to take a selfie and show their visit. Bright lights illuminate in the store, simple color, ordinary desks and chairs all tempt you to sit down, ordering a cup of latte and a slice of cake and enjoying a tranquil and pleasing afternoon.

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